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Why?! The Words – Unspoken. Unheard.

Who am I? Where I’ve come from? Where am I heading? Who am I heading towards? Why am I here? What do I want? These are those few questions which have caused a lot of uncertainty inside me. Being born in a Muslim family, is it enough? Is it enough to enter into Jannah? If […]

That One Night – Journey of a Sinner to a Believer

I was so lost in the sea of my sins, that I became blind towards the Mercy of Allah. I was so wrecked from the inside, that to heal this burn I use to burn myself up with the curse of more sins. I carved layers after layers of sins on my heart. I was […]

Repentance (Tawbah) – The Sooner It Is – The Better

Flashbacks grew over me. One after the other, all those times when I disobeyed My Mighty Lord, followed one after another. The thought of all these artificial living standards I was commemorating for the past 19 precious years, seemed like a complete waste of a life, complete waste of energies, complete waste of focus, above […]