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Depressed. Which way to go?

Have you suffered from a recent loss that has toppled your life? Do you feel depressed over someone who you have lost recently? Are you trying to get back what you have lost? Are you losing your orientation, your direction? Are you falling apart and don’t know where to go, which path to rest on? […]

Vocal And The Vibrant – Nouman Ali Khan

Vocal and the vibrant Bro Nouman Ali Khan has put his tremendous efforts to understand the true essence of Islam. He has served his life and purpose for the Glorious Qura’an. He is the founder and CEO of Bayyinah Institute which is the Islamic educational institute situated in Dallas,Texas in USA. His commendable efforts in […]

I Got Covered

      “In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate” I was left astounded when I reviewed through a video where a person spoke about Islam as a religion of oppression. The point he raised was, that Islam wraps a women with Hijab whereas a woman is free to live the way she […]

Repentance (Tawbah) – The Sooner It Is – The Better

Flashbacks grew over me. One after the other, all those times when I disobeyed My Mighty Lord, followed one after another. The thought of all these artificial living standards I was commemorating for the past 19 precious years, seemed like a complete waste of a life, complete waste of energies, complete waste of focus, above […]

The Way It Is – Inside Out

Muslims of today face a real hard time to develop the understanding of Islam. Honestly, I don’t blame you, it’s the way it’s represented that has caused repulsion towards the whole religious institution. When every time you make up your mind to submit to your religion, you get to hear the do’s and dont’s or […]

Launch Of Tumblr-Version Of Minakinwrites =D

http://www.minakinwrites.tumblr.com  Keep posting in. For updates/queries/feedback contact on the following email address: minawrites@hotmail.com OR tweet on:   https://twitter.com/#!/minakinwrites Your feedback is much appreciated. Jazaka’Allah.