Vocal And The Vibrant – Nouman Ali Khan

Vocal and the vibrant Bro Nouman Ali Khan has put his tremendous efforts to understand the true essence of Islam. He has served his life and purpose for the Glorious Qura’an. He is the founder and CEO of Bayyinah Institute which is the Islamic educational institute situated in Dallas,Texas in USA. His commendable efforts in […]

Unbelievably Amazing – Yasmin Mogahed

Unbelievably Amazing –  Sr. Yasmin Mogahed _______________________________________________________________   By Mina Kazmi   There was something very intriguing about this lady which compelled me to stay glued to an hour lecture she delivered on the topic, keeping the heart alive. The epitome of goodness, US-based Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed knows exactly what to say that stirs you […]

MAG THE WEEKLY, The Largest Circulated English Weekly of Pakistan,INTERVIEW

  Direct link to the site: MAG THE WEEKLY, The Largest Circulated English Weekly of Pakistan,INTERVIEW.

The Next Big Thing – Saad Shahid

The Next Big Thing   – Saad Shahid (by MINA KAZMI) (This interview was published in Mag The Weekly)   The promising, convincing and amazing Saad Shahid is the next big thing on the block, who with his phenomenal performances has taken the glories to his credit. Young, vibrant and athletic, Saad has etched his name […]

Interview Of Pakistan Current Squash Champion – Aamir Atlas Khan

He Is Here To Transcend!  by MINA KAZMI (PUBLISHED IN MAG-THE WEEKLY) Emerging with a bang, he has threatened the doyens and gurus of the game of squash. He revitalised the declining state of squash and has managed to stand out with his exceptional performances. The 21-year-old, Aamir Altas Khan, has captivated the attention of […]