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The Next Right Thing.

The perceived order may not always be the right order. Sometimes the strongest act to show up is to stay. And sometimes it is, to walk out with grace, dignity and courage. It takes courage to leave. It does. And you have it, in you. Do the bravest and strongest thing right now. Focus on doing the next right thing. Just the next right thing. Let God take care of the rest.


I wrote this in the name of all those strong women, who need it the most right now.

*Takes a deep breath*

The hassle of this world, I tell ‘ya, is goddamned exhausting. Bit by bit, it steals away a realer version of you, more, and a little bit more, eventually leaving you perplexed in the midst of the trial. When I am genuinely depleted in strength after the end of a tiring day, I look into the mirror, unmask myself, and unfold what dwells deep down to the core. And be real, genuine, and most authentic self to myself. After all, at the end of the day, I am answerable to myself in the quiet, and nobody else. At least I can trust myself on not being judgmental *Sighs*.

We are consumed by the pace of this evolutionary world, the judgmental nature of inhuman souls. Our lives are much like bucket balance where we end…

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