A Responsibility on My Shoulders

We, as women of tomorrow, have a responsibility. A responsibility that is larger than life. A responsibility – if not realized today can destruct the future of our generation tomorrow. Women are that strong in terms of authority. They can create a family – a generation of scholars. And can shatter it into pieces with a generation of ignorants. The choice is yours! Are you ready to pay the price?!

Final exams ended today, Alhamdulillah. There was something that was bugging me for long. I couldn’t give my best in those exams possibly because there was something big that needed more of my attention. A responsibility. Yes! A responsibility. A responsibility of my younger sister, who sees the world differently, who feels differently, who speaks differently. Who is 10 years younger than me and needs me at this stage. A 10 year old, not having enough insight into what this Dunya all about, needs attention of her elder sister who has got the sense a bit too late. The best part is, with God, it’s never too late! SubhanAllah.

A 40 minutes conversation with my younger sister Amina, and even younger cousin Emaan, made me realize how important it’s for a girl to be raised on Islam. We’re deluded by the concept of ‘Liberal’ Muslim, ‘Conservative Muslim’, ‘Moderate’ Muslim. Whereas there’s no such this as a liberal, conservative or moderate Muslim. Either you’re a Practicing Muslim or a Non-Practicing Muslim. Realize it! This conversation, with the most beautiful generation-bearers of tomorrow,  taught me lessons that will preserve in my memory for long, Insha’Allah Ta’ala.

If you’ve daughters, or younger sisters, treat them with love. Because that’s all they understand. They feel the concern you’ve for them and what you teaches them, sinks in them. Engraves. I’ve experienced the worst kind of identity crisis. And I didn’t want my younger sisters to go through this. And it’s not at all difficult for your daughters or sisters to fall a trap of this fatal disease of identity crisis. Take Islam out of your homes, and see what happens.

My sister Amina, unlike me, is very social, Masha’Allah. That’s a very good trait if utilized in the right manner.  She’s the first person in the family who stood by me in no time, in my decision to take Niqaab. Though she has no clue the reasons behind doing it, but all she said was, what pleases Allah, has hikmah, #SubhanAllah. (Oops, forgot, this is not Twitter! LOL) Anyways, so the thing is, I’ve sensed her inclination towards practicing Islam, Alhamdulillah. May Allah (SWT) reward her with Khayr and Tawfeeq to be the best of His slaves (A’meen Ya Rabb)

Dunya is throwing away temptations at her. Temptations of cladding up in Western attire, following their sick Music (which is absolutely forbidden in Islam), watching their pathetic, low-standard Disney comedies, the filth of the planet Hannah Montanna, all of this filth can flip her little mind in no time. All of this together, is enough to pollute her mind at this young stage. On top of this, this new trend of 6 yr old signing up for Facebook. Ah, parents please, wake up and don’t let your child fall trap to all of this crap.

Now, don’t you think she is in need of the most attention?

This Dunya, has filth to offer her. And if today (Godforbid), she’s left unattended, this can result in paying a very heavy price. A price of a generation! I’ll reiterate my question. Are you ready to pay the price?! Think. Reflect. And please wake up!

Your child, your own very daughter, your own beloved son, your dearest younger brother, your most adorable younger sister, are all in the same position as Amina’s. We can’t let the filth consume them. They’re precious. They’re our responsibility. Who will teach them, if we didn’t? Who will pay the burden in the Akhirah, if we left them unattended?

Make your homes a place of growth. A place of spiritual and intellectual growth for the little kids. Teach them Qur’an. Make them recite short Surahs from the Qur’an. Narrate them stories of the prophets. Sit with them. Talk it out. Let them say what their hearts have inside. Let them pour out that filth, so that now Islam can sink in their hearts. Deeper. Your child doesn’t need those cartoons that have so much Fahash in it. They don’t need those sick singers as their role models. They don’t need the filth that they see and consume on a customary basis. They don’t need anything but Allah. How can they not need Allah? How can they not need their Creator? That’s all I, you and all of us need. Allah. His Deen. Islam.


2 comments on “A Responsibility on My Shoulders

  1. *super-like* ..MashaAllah! 🙂

  2. SubhanAllah! Your comments serve as an Emaan Rush! :)) JazakAllahu Khayr Sister for your lovely comments! ❤

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