Creations are amazing. They teach us how imperfect we are. No matter how high we think of ourselves, they make us realize, not to forget the ground where we were not so long ago. There was a time when I used to think pretty high of myself (Astaghfirullah) and as expected God’s creation never failed to seek for perfection in me. And because I’m not God, which also means I’m not perfect, I failed to fall upto their expectations. They expected perfection out of me, and I kept on failing to rise above their expectations. Eventually, the war ended. I surrendered.

This is not a very alienated talk. This is our problem. Lets face it. We, humans, have always made it a point to seek for perfection in people. We seek for God in people. We’ve dehumanized the concept of human altogether. Imagine, if you start seeking for something in a person and you’re unable to find in them, what will be the ultimate result? – Disappointment.

Lets get to the ground and realize it. We are not perfect. And probably this is one big reason because of which we’re humans. Imagine, if we would’ve been perfect, could we even accept that there’s a God? No! It’s our imperfections that lower us in humility in front of our Creator. It’s our weaknesses that compel our hearts to yearn for Allah. We would never turn to God if we were not raised weak. We’re created weak and it’s a mighty blessing! Subhan’Allah :’)

I’ve chased for perfection in people too, and every time I believed someone to be fitting the criteria of perfection, I ended up disillusioned. We all want a perfect wife, a perfect husband, a perfect job, a perfect house, a perfect child, a perfect friend and to sum it up – a perfect life. But how can this life be perfect? If this life is perfect, who will yearn for the next? We don’t get a perfect wife, a perfect husband, a perfect child, a perfect job in this life because perfection belongs to Allah Azzawajal alone. When we start looking for perfection in people, in reality we’re looking for God in people. And this is why we land in disappointments. This is why we break from the inside. This is why we shatter. This is why we’re torn apart.

Ask yourself: How can we associate unlimited expectations from a limited world? 

This doesn’t even make sense.

Through this note, I just sincerely want to thank all those amazing bunch of God’s creations who were a part of my life and all those who still are a part of my life. I can’t thank them enough. They’ve made me realize, how imperfect I am. They’ve assisted me in realizing perfection belongs to Him alone. With each heart break, I realized how weak I am – how imperfect I am, yet so blessed. Because it’s these imperfections that led me to my Source – Allah.

We’re known for our imperfections. And these imperfections  bring us closer to our Source – The Perfectionist – God.


2 comments on “Awakening

  1. JAZAKALLAHU KHAYRAN(May ALLAH reward you with goodness)

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