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Can You Really Afford to Lose Sight of Him?

Dear Readers,

Have you ever lost something or someone very dear to you? Have you experienced when there’s something that you desire to make yours and you realize it wasn’t meant to go that way? How does it feel? I know it hurts. It does. But what it teaches you is bigger than everything else that really does matter.

This feeling of deprivation secludes your heart from the outside world and leads you on the crossroad where you have to decide which pathway to take. Now, in this state of seclusion it’s only you and Him. There are two dimensions this crossroad familiarizes you with. One, is the path that asks you to be patient and content on your loss and two, it teaches you a lesson to lose sight altogether. It’s easy to opt for a path that teaches you wrongdoings. A path – that leaves you astray. It first makes you lose sight of who you are, puts you in the slavery of temporary attachments and then blinds you from the One Who created you. This is a state of negligence that makes you lose sight of a possession that is meant to be safeguarded, a possession which if taken away in literal sense, will deteriorate your soul on the inside. This deterioration may or may not affect you on the surface but the damage it will cause inside of you is heart-rending.

Sometimes I wonder, why is it so difficult to believe in the Creator – The Master of the Universe, the Best of all planners. Life becomes so much simpler when He’s the only one in your sight. Losing sight of Him is like a body without soul. A body having no soul can certainly not live. It dies. And this is the stain that you marks on your soul when you deprive it from Someone it was made to worship. It’s just like poisoning yourself on the inside. This damage is deeper than the skin. Fatal. And not so easy to get over with. Wound caused on the exterior may heal but an infliction on your heart is not that easy to recover.

I know how it feels to lose sight of the Beloved. Losing Him is like losing something that ONLY literally matters. People come and go, people rise and fall, people love and hate, people live and die, the gist is people are NOT constant. They are temporary. Similarly, everything associated with them is temporary too. They come but they don’t know how long will they stay. They rise but they don’t know how long will they rise. They love but they don’t know how long will they love. They live but they don’t know when they will depart. So how could you shackle your heart in the slavery of any other human when they don’t know themselves that how long will they stay? How can they ever safeguard your priceless possession – your heart, when they are too unsure of themselves?

In all of this, Who remains is God. God stays. God loves. God is constant. So how can you afford to lose sight when you know there is Someone constant who resides inside of you? Relying on people can only yield more pain. It’s like a loop you will always find yourself circling in, seeking refuge from one attachment to another. Why be so hard on your heart? It can’t bear too much of pain. Free yourself from this confinement. Break free. Place your heart in the slavery of Allah – One God.


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