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Break Free

Leaving is hard. Losing is harder. Parting ways from someone you love, for a temporary span, knowing that you’ll be back soon, is hard. But when someone breaks away all knots from the bounds of this world, and now that you know that they wont ever return, to accept the reality itself, is harder. It hurts. It does.

While I was growing up, I was told that life is not as easy as it seems. You’re tested at every moment of your life. There are times when you’re tested with hardships, trials and tribulations. And the flip side to it is, you’re tested with ease and comfort. You’re tested with relationships. People arrive and depart, but what retains in place is the mere fact that, what you take away with you. And what you leave behind for others to learn lessons from.

My grandfather, Abdul Qadeer Khan, died a couple of years back. His departure resulted in changing my perception about life altogether. Back then I used to feel that his death has caused me a wound that can never be healed. There came a time when I felt, that the space he has left in my heart, can never be filled. But today I realize every calamity that befalls upon us, in shape of crises, deaths, pain, everything is there for a REASON. A definite REASON. A soulful PURPOSE. It’s just that we can’t see. We can’t feel. We don’t see what is REAL. We don’t reflect upon the compensation God has done for what is lost. The pain of what we’ve lost enslaves our hearts. Leaving behind a heart that is dependent. Enslaved. Coward. Weak. Lost.

Our emotional attachments cause real damage to our hearts. The stronger the bond you share with your attachments, the intense the pain will be when you’ve to part ways from that attachment. This is life. Yes. This is life. Life hurts. Life deceives. It hurts because you expect this life to serve you forever, whereas it’s temporary. It deceives because it reminds you to detach yourself from the slavery of a creation, it teaches you lessons by taking away your priceless attachments.

We spend our lives submitting to people, things that are temporary. We depend too much on the creation that somewhere down the lane we fail to serve the REAL purpose. ONE GOD. Ilah. I get to see people falling apart in relationships, because their submission was to a creation over the Creator. The reason behind failed relationships is ONE. When you start depending too much on the creation, this creation becomes your source of happiness, contentment, relief. In this quest, we fail to realize that like this creation is temporary, the feelings of happiness, contentment and relief are temporary too. What if this attachment is taken away forever? Will you be able to get over with the loss? No. This is because this attachment meant everything to you. Literally, EVERYTHING. Now, when it’s no more there, you’re left with nothing behind. Empty handed. When this attachment of yours leave, it takes away everything that you possess. Everything.

Strengthen your knot with the One Who is Everlasting. Someone Who mends broken hearts. Someone Who you seek refuge in when there’s no door left to knock at. When there’s no one to ease the pain your broken heart bears, there emerges the Power that reminds you that He is the sole one to be worshipped. To be loved. Untie all those knots that put you in the slavery of a creation. A creation – that is not capable to handle its very own self. Place yourself in the submission of your Creator. Worship the Creator. The Source. The Exalted. Allah.


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