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Depressed. Which way to go?

Have you suffered from a recent loss that has toppled your life? Do you feel depressed over someone who you have lost recently? Are you trying to get back what you have lost? Are you losing your orientation, your direction? Are you falling apart and don’t know where to go, which path to rest on? Do you feel all alone, neglected, lost, depressed?

If you are struggling through all such questions, then I must inform you that the solution to all of it is JUST ONE!!!

I’ll try my level best to address each of the above raised questions in the further discussion, Insha’Allah. But before proceeding I would say that you are not alone. I’ve been through it too. And people around you are going through the similar phase. And this phase teaches you what the good times can not. Because this phase comes in as a chance for you to CHANGE, REVIVE, GROW, and SUCCEED. And without this phase, you can’t come to a conclusion of what this life in reality is! So face the reality, and keep reading 🙂

The reality of Dunya (world) is explained in these words of  bro Hamza Yusuf;

“God is with the broken-hearted. When your heart breaks, it’s a good thing – the breaking of the heart is what opens it up to the light of Allah. The dunya is designed to break your heart, to crush it.”

I’ve seen times of my Imaan struggling between highs and lows. It is kind of a confusion you are battling with. You don’t know which way to go, but you still want to go someway to keep going. We’ve devoted our lives for the approval of people around us. We seek for people’s love and their affection. In this quest, we somewhere miss out that there’s a more important approval of Someone High above, that needs to be addressed before everyone else’s approval.

Taking you a little off the track. What is the first obligation in love?

To obey – To surrender – To submit.

We obey who we love. We surrender before the person whom we love. We submit our hearts to someone we love. Isn’t it?

But can people to whom we submit, hold our hearts responsibly? Can they be just with the most priceless possession of ours? Can they stay consistent and constant with their love for us?

No! They can’t fall true to any of our expectations, because they are humans. And they are not perfect. They are not constant. They are made to serve their God, not humans, not you. They can’t always serve your expectations. The Source of All-Love is Allah (SWT). The Origin of All-Trust is Allah (SWT). Do we really love the Source, The Origin?

If you ask someone do they love God, everyone will confess with a Big YES! But what kind of love is this, in which we are not obeying Him, not surrendering before Him and not submitting to Him? This means we don’t love Him in reality. We love Him for the good He has done to us. We love Him because He’s blessing us with food, money, wealth, people and all the luxuries of this life. This is why we love Him. And just imagine, if He takes it back, how will we react to it? We will end in despair, dejection, depression, and in worst of cases, so-called escape from this life – suicide. The gist of the matter is we have lost the REAL orientation, the REAL path, The Substance. We are filling our hearts with the wealth of this Dunya.  We have submitted our heart and soul in this Dunya, and because our orientation is wrong, that is why we end up falling apart each time a calamity strikes us. Our faith staggers. Because our faith rests in the creations and not the Creator. We are worshiping the creations and have forgotten the Creator.

The very first thing that we need to understand is the message revealed in the following Ayah;

“And if Allah touches you with harm, there is none who can lift it but He. And if He intends good for you, then none can repel His favor which He causes to reach whom He wills among His servants. And He is the Pardoning, the Merciful”  – Quran 10  :  107.    

So what we need to engrave deep down in our mind and heart is that everything comes from Allah (SWT). He is the Source and He is the End. He is the Beginning and He is the Ever Lasting. So it’s He alone who can benefit us or befalls a calamity upon us. No one in the universe other then Him can do us any good or any bad. He’s the origin and He is the destination. The rest of the things, people are  just the means to reach out to Him. This is the core reality we are missing out. And this is why we get strayed.

In the times, in which we are residing, the test is getting tougher. Because the curse of lust, and shamelessness have become more accessible more than it was in the history. We need to redirect ourselves, reorient our means, and settle with the end. This is the Ultimate Reality. Rest are just the details that follows up with the whole package.

Ar-Razi (RA) once said;


SubhanAllah. What a beautiful saying to wrap it all.

This world is like a shadow: run after it and you will never be able to catch it; turn your back against it and it has no choice but to follow you.  – Ibn al-Qayyim

If you buy a machine and you are not using it for the mere purpose you bought it for, instead you are bringing it in use for various other purposes, what will be the outcome? It will collapse. Crash. This is exactly what we have done to our hearts. We have used our heart and filled it with love of this Dunya, love of people, things that can never compensate the power of God’s Love. And this is why we collapse. Crash. End in despair.

We need to detach ourselves (hearts) from the worldly attachments that are causing disobedience towards Allah (SWT). Our hearts should be filled with the love of the Source. Why we get carried away with the flow of Dunya? This is because the path of righteousness is ONE. And path to shamelessness and disobedience  are many. To follow what is right has become tougher. And to follow the ill, has become amusing. But don’t lose hope in Him. Don’t lose trust in His Mercy. Keep striving on the path to your Lord, the path of the blessed ones. Allah (SWT) weighs us on the basis of our good intent. Keep your intents pure. Love people around you for the sake of Allah (SWT), not because they will benefit you or please you. You are sent down to please the Creator, not the creations.

I’ll end this on one last tip for myself and all of you who are reading it.

When a manufacturer makes a machine, he provides with it an instruction manual. If you follow the instructions in the instruction manual the machine is believed to work longer and better. Similarly, Allah (SWT) – The Creator has blessed us with The Glorious Qur’an – The Instruction Manual. And if we follow it we are going to benefit no one else but OURSELVES. Allah (SWT) doesn’t need our prayers. He doesn’t need us for worshiping Him. We are the ones that are weak, fragile, easily broken and are in more need of His Mercy, His love, His affection. We need a Support to rest on. And that Support can only be Allah (SWT).

My heart has been deceived, broken, crippled and crushed every time I associated my expectations with people and materialism. My heart got freed from the shackles of slavery, when I enslaved it to my Creator – The Most Exalted – The Most Deserving.


 “This Dunya will keep hurting your heart until you let go everything in it, till all left in The Heart is Allah (SWT)”

May Allah (SWT) forgive all our sins, and grant us with inner peace (Ameen Ya’Rabbul Aalameen)


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