Bangladesh Made Its BIG =D


You made your counter-part (Pakistan) proud of you!

An unprecedented victory! What a match it was =D SPECTACULAR! Indeed it was a breath-taking victory on the part of Bangladesh. They simply blew India away with their remarkable attitude. Finished off the match so well. From the very beginning they swiftly turned the slate of fate in their favor. Spell bound performances by Nasir, Shakib and Mushfiqur Rahim. They fetched the victory and etched their name in the history by beating India in such a crucial match. Today their nerves were in their control, their fate was in their favor, and their commitment was their vision. With such an applauding vision nothing could intervene them as a barrier. The electrifying spell of Shakib was so much fun to watch. In fact, I seriously felt the ‘out’ given to Shakib wasn’t the right decision. But the way Nasir and Rahim continued, they almost smashed the score India put up on the board. With their flawless shot selection blended with their splendid co-ordination resulted in this mighty awe-inspiring achievement. They played outstandingly well.

During the entire match, almost everyone in the family were moved by the phenomenal performances made on the part of Bangladesh Team. We made a very special prayer for our Bengali brothers. Without any doubt, they made their BIG!!! I consider them a victor already, because the passion they spurred in the game, their commitment with their country was all reflected in their every substantial move. They played a selfless game.

To wrap it up, I would just say that it wasn’t just the victory of Bangladesh alone, this victory was also of Pakistan. In our hearts they still rest as our dear brothers and sisters. We will always stand by you Bangladesh. The partition was a physical segregation on the documents, but our hearts are still united and will remain be. Long live Bangladesh. Long live Pakistan.



4 comments on “Bangladesh Made Its BIG =D

  1. awww historical moments created by BD cricket team ever…. I’m really happy today.. Indians shocked BD rocked..!! Thanks BD cricket team and I would like to giving thanks to pakisthan for love us….

  2. nice.keep it up!:)

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