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Someone saved my heart before I could save their life….

There are people around you who need you more than you need yourself. Statement may not make sense to you or it may even sound vague to you now but this little story I’ve for you will make you believe it. Yesterday I along with a friend of mine were heading our way towards the university cafe. A guy rose up to the occasion and told us about the campaign he was advertising for. He was from the Fatimid Foundation which is a non-profit organization which is currently working as a hope for the millions of blood diseases carriers in Pakistan. He asked us if we can donate blood for the children with Haemophilia and Thalassaemia. We followed the guy and finally it was about time to donate the blood to save a life. In all this time, I forgot about all my worries. The only thought that occupied my mind was that there’s someone out there who needs me more than I needed myself. There was someone out there for whom I had to subside all my worries. There was someone out there for whom God chose me to be his saviour. There’s someone who needs me for his survival more than anyone else in the world. This life wasn’t my choice. Or the person in whose body this blood will be transfused, this kind of a life would never have been his choice. God made me the donor. He chose me to help others in whatever capacity I can. He, The Most Exalted, gave me this choice to wash away my sins. I strongly felt that there’s no harm in being self-less. We live a life of selfishness. We breathe in selfishness, and finally die in selfishness. When will our hearts become self-less? When will our hearts think about others before us? We are rich or poor, it’s not our choice. What we make out of what we have is indeed our choice. Few words of love, words of courtesy would do you no harm, but it may spur a reason in someone’s life to cherish. We don’t value the worth of little things in life, little things in which reside big happiness. The satisfaction I had after donating blood was like a river of joy flowing within me. My worries were all subsided deep down somewhere. I couldn’t hear them, I couldn’t feel them. God replaced those worries with relief. And I realized it wasn’t just me alone who did a favor to that someone by donating blood, it was that someone who did a bigger favor who God chose to be the reason to spur peace and relief in my heart. I just saved his life, but that someone saved my purpose, saved my heart.

Here’s the link to the website of Fatimid Foundation.


Please do whatever it takes to save a life. They need you more than you need yourself. 


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