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The Way It Is – Inside Out

Muslims of today face a real hard time to develop the understanding of Islam. Honestly, I don’t blame you, it’s the way it’s represented that has caused repulsion towards the whole religious institution. When every time you make up your mind to submit to your religion, you get to hear the do’s and dont’s or a list of Haraam and Halal. Instead of telling you about Allah’s Mercy and His countless favors, you are given a list of dos and donts to follow for the rest of your life. It’s like as if a checklist is all Islam is about, whereas Islam is much beyond that.

We’ve confined Islam only till the restrictions it applies, though these restrictions are for our own good but the problem lies in the way of representation. We’ve not bothered to ace for the message that’s larger than life. It’s sad that we have overlooked the basics and jumped onto the concluding points. We teach our children about hell-fire first, instead of teaching them about Al-Rahman ur Raheem.

Islam is all about heart. We need to embrace Islam with our hearts first. If our heart is Islam, everything that Islam talks about is engraved in heart. But if our heart is not Islam, and all we are measuring it on the scale of dos and donts, you surely will distract.

The point which I intend to raise is, that we have gone the outside-in way, rather than going inside-out. Instead of forming a strong bond with our Lord, we’ve formed a weak knot with the checklist that is provided.

If we read through the Islamic scripture i.e. The Glorious Qura’an, we observe Allah (SWT) has miraculously bestowed His verses upon His people. These verses were so orderly that understanding and believing in the unseen became very much substantial for the believers. They began to see their Creator with their hearts.

The verses Allah initially revealed on us weren’t of categorization of Haram and Halal. It was about His love and mercy on us, and about the Day of Judgement that will arrive. This had the substance to penetrate in hearts. This is what changed the states of our hearts. This is what was the real thing – divine.

Today we’ve become oblivion towards the Day of Judgement where we’ll be brought in front of our Lord. A day when a mother will be so engrossed in getting forgiven by her Lord that she wont bother about her child even. We’ve denied or maybe overlooked the reality, but denying a reality doesn’t make it less real. The day is near. When the world will come to an end, and all that will save us will be our good deeds. No car, no money, no house, no human will be your refuge. Your good deeds will be your only refuge. Fear that day.





One of the companions relates that Ayesha(RA) said:

“If the first thing to be revealed was: ‘Do not drink alcoholic drinks.’ people would have said, ‘We will never leave alcoholic drinks,’ and if there had been revealed, ‘Do not commit illegal sexual intercourse, ‘they would have said, ‘We will never give up illegal sexual intercourse.” (sahih bukhari)

She goes on to explain that the first verses to be revealed were about the Day of Judgement and about Allah.

Unfortunately the scale we have weighed Islam on is just the details that are a part of the larger package. The gist is forgotten. The basics, crux is overlooked. Today people miss out their Salaah because their hearts aren’t submerged in Islam. Those who even pray, their prayers have become more of a burden than choice. All these symptoms root back to one disease, i.e. the disease of the heart, the disease of ignorance, the disease of choosing the right way, yet with a wrong direction.

We’ve not used our hearts for the very purpose it was created for i.e. to love God. We’ve fallen as a worshiper to His creations rather than the Creator Himself. And this defect in heart leads to out-of-proportions in life.

Flaw resides in the representation of the divine message. Don’t provide a checklist of Islam to someone who has just stepped in Islam. Begin working from the scratch. If his heart is not convinced by Allah’s love and mercy how come he will sacrifice his desires. Sacrifice is made in love. Because we humans obey who we love. Love the one who is meant to be truly loved.


Allahuma ajalna minhum, wassalamu alaikum wa rahmat Allah wa barakatu.


This write-up is inspired by Yasmin Mogahed’s Houston Illumination Speech

Much of the content is extracted out of it.

Here is a link to it;



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