The Distance Between My Body And Soul


From the time when I gave the very first sign of life till the person who I’m today, there stands a humongous difference between who I was and who I’m. They say, that with growing age and passing time we grow in diverse dimensions that primarily include intellect, psyche, emotions and mentality. The kinds of needs I had when I was a kid are no longer the same. Today when I look back and compare myself with who I was, and who I’m now, the part I miss the most is the purity of soul which I had once, and with age how it deformed and deteriorated.

It is sad, that all our life we serve our bodies to fulfill our desires. We are so engrossed in this quest that we forget that we are missing out a purpose that’s larger than life. A purpose, that we were sent here for. A purpose whose results will serve us in the life hereafter. A purpose that will be the deciding factor for our final destination. Finally, a purpose for which this universe was created.

Our bodies demand physical needs whereas our souls demand divine needs. We submit to our physical needs in such a devoted pattern that we overlook of what is required of our soul. Fulfillment of physical needs will give us no reward in the life hereafter. They are temporary needs, which were only restricted to this life. They give us pleasure for this life alone. But what serves us in the life hereafter is spiritual nourishment. This concludes that it’s our soul which needs consistent nourishment. Like, we eat food to serve our bodies, similarly our soul needs zikr/remembrance of Allah(SWT) to keep its core alive. The substance of a soul gets revived on zikr of Allah(SWT). A heart that’s void of Zikr, lands in a state of ignorance and dejection.

Today where I stand, when I seek for the distance between my body and soul, I feel, they are in one another, yet too distant. This is about time for me to return. Return to what’s lost in the midst. Return to what’s the absolute. Return to divinity… My soul has starved for so long. I’ve been the negligent one who deprived it from its basic needs.

Today, my body and soul are no more in coherence. My hearts speaks a different language. My mind repels what my heart says. I’m standing on a crossroad where I’m engaged in a battle against my very own self. Winning this battle will earn me my soul back. I want to break these walls and barriers that have carved these shadows between my body and soul. Breaking them isn’t an easy task for sure. May Allah(SWT) be with us. May The FORCE bless us all (Ameen)



2 comments on “The Distance Between My Body And Soul

  1. beautiful! we dwell in these bodies and these bodies have their demands, but we must conquer the body! we live in the body, but we are not our body. we live in this world, but we are not of this world. Let us make our Commander foremost and live accordingly!!


  2. MASHALLAH MASHALLAH the thought’s are so pure!
    So true!We seek to fulfill all the physical desires and forget what our soul needs and about the world hereafter.

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