The Real Perspective


SubhanAllah, sometimes you just need a perspective. A Real One, that can compel you to confront the real world out there. We’re often deluded by the shallowness of this Dunya. It dictates us norms that inflict our inside. We often forget that the only Real need man ever had is to acquire love of their Lord. All else melts away with time and age. This is One Perspective that stays there intact. But sadly, this is one perspective which has been suppressed the most. When we want to get married, we expect as if it will solve all our problems, as if it’s the end of the world, or some might consider it as a way of escaping all their miseries. The truth is, it’s none of them!

A soul mate makes you connect to your Lord in more than one ways! They’re there to strengthen your knot with the One, Who has not moved one bit. But the only one who has moved were – you. They break you apart to let your inner filled with what it really deserves – love of God.

The following words of immense wisdom were shared by Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed. The words originally are of an author named Elizabeth Gilbert. These words stirred me inside out. And compelled me to see the beautiful knot of marriage through the lens of the Real Perspective.

“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake. But to live with a soul mate forever? Nah. Too painful. Soul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then leave. A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life, then introduce you to your spiritual master…” ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

Subhan’Allah! God makes you meet your soul mate and your soul mate makes you meet your Lord. This assures that the source and destination remains the same – God. A soul mate is just a means of reaching out to your Lord. Allahu akbar!



A Breath Away From Death

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala has been very kind. If I evaluate my life on the scale of difficulty, I can claim that I’ve not been afflicted with serious bunch of hardships. I was the kind of person who didn’t have the ability to confront the minutest of pain. But as time passed, eventually Allah made me realize that everything He sends upon me is a blessing, it just depends on how I perceive it.

Then came a series after series of deaths in the family, which made my faith stronger that nothing in this Dunya will last for long. Everyone sent down here has a purpose. And it’s Allah alone Who knows the purpose we’re living here for. As soon as we’re done with that purpose, we will be brought back to Him. And this thought has instilled a purpose in my heart. The purpose is to leave behind a legacy that will act as Sadqa-e-Jariya for me and my parents.

I once read somewhere that donating blood is an act of Sadqa-e-Jariya. Since then, I’ve been involved in blood donations, Alhamdulillah. Today, I was made to face the reality. I seriously felt that I’m just a breath away from death. After you donate blood you have to lie down for about 15-20 minutes. This helps in circulating equal proportion of blood in the body. Instead of lying down for 20 minutes, I rose up within 7-10 minutes time. I was perfectly normal then, Alhamdulillah. But in a matter of 2-3 minutes my head almost had terrible jerks. My hands got all white, and I could barely stand. My body started turning cold. The staff around hurriedly came towards me. They tried every possible thing they could think of. I started losing my breath. And from the inside all I felt was, if today I die, I’ll be able to meet The One I have wished to meet for long. Those certain moments of pain and agony taught me how much worse the death scene will be.

When I returned home, my parents got pretty angry on my move of donating blood. And then there was something very strong that I felt. This is Dunya. My parents love me so much that they can’t afford to lose their daughter. Behind their scolding, hid the fear of losing their daughter. This is their love. Now imagine God’s love, Who put me in this painful situation, not to depress me, rather to remove those piles of sins that I’ve put on myself as layers of burden. He did this to make me realize how worse will the pain of death be. WALLAHI He has transformed every painful situation  into a blessing for me. His love is beyond everything that exist. I just can’t thank Him enough. I felt a strange feeling of bliss from the inside while I was going through this whole painful situation. I just don’t know how to put it down into words. But He has taught me to seek for His signs in every single blessing and hardship. I can see His signs in this entire Universe. Every single thing reminds me of Him, Allahu akbar! What a blessing! I can’t ask for anything else. As long as I have Him, I know I’m safe. Fear of death has escaped my heart. The only fear I’ve left inside is of disappointing Him. I just don’t want to disappoint Him.

My beloved parents got tensed because of my pain, but they didn’t know what a huge lesson Allah has taught me through these few moments of pain. The feeling is so hard to pen down. It’s divine. Only God knows how much this has affected me.

Ya Allah! Take everything from me that steals me away from Your remembrance. Because all I need is You. It  is You alone I desire to have (A’meen Ya Rabb)


That One Night – Journey of a Sinner to a Believer

I was so lost in the sea of my sins, that I became blind towards the Mercy of Allah. I was so wrecked from the inside, that to heal this burn I use to burn myself up with the curse of more sins. I carved layers after layers of sins on my heart. I was so submerged in myself that everything I did was me. I was such a strayer that my eyes turned blind towards His Verses, my ears turned deaf towards His Message, my heart turned wrecked towards His Mercy. I kept refuting His Message. He kept granting me with guidance. I kept losing the sight of Him. He kept sheltering me with His refuge. I kept craving for the filth of this world. He kept reminding me of the life hereafter. I kept losing myself. He kept reviving the real me. I’ve also experienced the state in which a voice used to echo inside of me and said all I do is what makes me – the real me. But sadly, it wasn’t me. It was my nafs ruling over my heart and soul. Piles of my sins made my heart sink in the slavery of my nafs. I chose destruction. I chose loss. I was lost. WALLAHI I was lost. Wrecked. Burnt. But He chose Khair for me. Allahu akbar!

My journey from an ignorant to a believer comprises of series of events that secluded me from the rest of the world for few moments of truth and assisted me in rediscovering myself. A lot of religious speakers like Brother Nouman Ali Khan, Shaykh Omar Suleiman and Ustadha Yasmin Mogahed have inspired me in this path to reaching out to Allah (swt) as well. Youtube videos/lectures have a huge share of credit in this inclination towards Islam, Subhan’Allah.

I always used to wonder how does it feel when one dies. The thought of this emotion used to get so intense at times that it used to preoccupy my mind for long. Then there arrived a time when I was compelled to set loose some relationships that God sent me down with. One of the strongest relationship I’ve shared was with my maternal grandfather (Nana). He died. He died of cancer. His love for me meant so much to me that when he died I was emotionally collapsed. The thought of his departure used to haunt me. I saw him dying right in front of me and I felt so helpless. I was shaking with fear of losing him, terror and pain, that I could hardly utter a word. I know how it feels when you lose someone you adore beyond emotions. It kills you from deep inside. There was a huge space inside of my heart that was vacant now. And I used to seek for ways to fill that space. I used to stumble from one attachment to another, just to fill that space which was created inside. Nothing was working out. To heal that wound, I would turn on the music on loud and tried to hide my insecurities in those few moments which I then believed to be my refuge.

In short, I disobeyed Allah in all those times. And then finally, there came a time which took me to question who I really am. I heard about someone’s death through a friend and as I could relate to that emotion I seriously felt it. There arose a voice from behind which said,

Inna lillahe wa inna ilahe rajeoun

“To Allah we belong and to Him is our return”

This one statement echoed in my ears for long. I went back home and I googled it to find out what it literally means.

When I found out the real meaning it holds, I burst into tears. I remained locked up in my room that night and repented for every single sin that I could think of. The scene of my Nana’s death came as intense flashbacks in front of me. And then I imagined myself in that state. In that very night, I isolated myself from everything else that exist, and sincerely devoted my heart towards my Creator. In this state, I uttered these words;

Ya Allah! Place me in your refuge. I’m a sinner. I know I’m a sinner. I confess I’m a sinner. I’ve fought a thousand battles with my nafs, to reach out to You. I’ve seen an era of struggle within myself to rediscover the lost me. I love you Ya Allah.

You brought me closer to Yourself. You took away my closest relationships so that I could rebuild my relationship with you.

You chose to bring me closer to You. I’ve crushed my ego. I’ve burnt myself, the sinner me. I’ve burnt my sins into ashes.

Today, all I need is You. All I ask for is You. All I seek refuge in is You. 

WALLAHI, I prefer that night above all nights in which I shed tears for You. The only prayer my heart screamed from the inside was;

“Ya Allah! What should I do to become dearest to You? Ya Allah I beg you O Lord, I beg You Ya Rahman, Ya Raheem, shape my heart in a way that I become dearest to You” 

This is one night, I can never forget. This is one night that changed the state of my heart. This is that one night that brought me closer to Someone Who truly deserves to be loved. This is that one night in which You returned my sight so that I could see You. This is that one night in which You returned my hearing, so that I can hear Your verses. This is that one night that changed my heart for good. This is that one night  in which you removed the seal on my heart so that I can come closer to You.

If I’ve to exchange this one night with everything good that I’ve, WALLAHI I would refute this offer. Because this ONE night burnt my sins into ashes and left behind a soul that was now a BELIEVER. Believer of ONE GOD. Ilah. Allah.

La Ilaha Illalah Muhammadur Rasul Allah


Vocal And The Vibrant – Nouman Ali Khan

Vocal and the vibrant Bro Nouman Ali Khan has put his tremendous efforts to understand the true essence of Islam. He has served his life and purpose for the Glorious Qura’an. He is the founder and CEO of Bayyinah Institute which is the Islamic educational institute situated in Dallas,Texas in USA. His commendable efforts in the Dream Programme which is a 10-month Islamic learning programme offered in Bayyinah. He has captured a wide range of audience because of the podcasts that he has released globally. Youtube is certainly the best spot to catch him on!

1. As you are a huge inspiration for the youth we need to know about your journey towards the understanding of Islam?

I was born in Germany. My father worked for the Pakistan Embassy and he was stationed in Germany when I was born. So the first language I learnt was German. Then I came to Islamabad for about a year where I learned Urdu. Later my father was transferred to Saudia Arab and I lived there for about six and a half years. Then I came back to Pakistan again and spent a year and a half  in Islamabad. I almost finished matriculation in Islamabad. Then I was moved to America. And I’ve been there since I was in high school. Saudia Arabia is a very religious society so I was observing my prayers and I was studying in the boys-only school. It was kind of a typical upbringing.Pakistanwas the same way. But when I came to America it was completely different. I went to a public high school where boys and girls studied together. Obviously there’s no uniform. People are dressed very inappropriately. Mannerisms are not followed, disrespecting and cursing the teachers, these things were shocking to me. I was shocked for sometime. But over time you get used to it. And slowly you start becoming the people all around you. That’s what happened to me. I became integrated to that culture. There came a point in high school where I didn’t even pray. I wasn’t even bothered. My father got transferred so they decided I should stay back and finish my college in US, so they left. And I was all by myself. And on top of that I was not even religious at all. So you can understand a young person without parental supervision living on his own. So at that time I wasn’t involved in the best things. Then I went to Brooke College of New York City. Luckily I found a friend who offered to give me a ride home. There was this one time on way back home that he got late for Maghrib prayers. He asked me that he had to pray so if I don’t mind. When he went I felt terrible so I went to pray with him. And this was the first time I prayed in many years. Ever since then I started feeling something. Then I started wondering what I am reciting when I’m praying. So I started trying to learn more via CDs/tapes etc. I was reintroduced to Islam. So I started discovering Islam for my own self. I opted for a unifier on which all these Muslim groups can agree on and that’s Quran. I kept digging for teachers who could help me with Quran. I was very fortunate enough to find good teachers who helped me through. What motivated me to do what I do is that I feel like that Quran has not been shared with Muslims. Like Muslims don’t even know what Quran is. Sometimes I study it and get shocked why I didn’t know this before. If we just knew it we would be so much better off. Even though there are scholars who are much more qualified than I am, I still feel like this is the area where more work gets done the better. Until all others come along and do so much that there’s no more need to serve the cause of raising awareness about Allah’s Book, I’m just going to try and keep doing Insha’Allah.

2. In your opinions what are the pitfalls the youth of today are confronting on their path of reaching out to their Lord?

I think there are two kinds of problems. Firstly, problems that are spiritual in nature and secondly, problems that are philosophical or intellectual in nature. Youth are confronting criticisms on almost all religions including Islam, when these kinds of criticisms are made including Islam they are not able to find adequate or satisfactory responses from typical sources that are around them e.g. Mosques, Imam or scholar in their area. These traditional sources are often at times worst in the new kinds of criticisms that are out there. This is a more philosophical kind of problem. Then there’s this moral/ethical/spiritual problem. We are living in a world where human temptation such as greed, lust and shamelessness has always been there. It’s just that all these temptations have become more accessible now than ever before in history. Our souls are challenged much more in this day and age. A lot of problems in youth are to do with the kind of company they find and how that company steers them further away from turning to God. This problem isn’t just unique to Pakistan; it’s with youth across the world. It’s just that Pakistani youth is no different.

3. Today the chaos that we observe, the purposeless lives we encounter, and the uncertainty in the society we get to see, what’s the hidden solution to all these problems?

 I think we shouldn’t look at the society’s problems. We should work on the individual problems. We should think about ourselves, our family and friends. Everybody thinks about fixing the whole of society but they are in conflict with their immediate families. We ourselves don’t live a moral or ethical life. When we begin about thinking of fixing society we forget that society is also made up of individuals. We need to worry about ourselves and immediate circle of our families and friends.

4. What is the context of reverting back to your Lord in the light of Islam, and why is this that we use the word “revert” and not “convert” for this?

Well, it’s a theological issue. It’s a part of our belief that we are born Muslims regardless who are parents are. Hindu, Muslims and Atheists don’t matter. A child is born Muslim. They are born Muslim because their soul (Quranic term- ‘Ruh’) was poured into them and had already accepted Islam in presence of Allah. So before we even have come out of the bellies of our mothers we have already in some sense accepted Islam so coming back to Islam is basically the term  revert is used. We are elude to that idea that it’s not something you’ve changed yourself into something rather you’ve come back to what your original state was supposed to be. Allah says in Quran, “The nature on which Allah has created people with. He created them in the state of Islam and so they come back to that state”. That’s why the word convert isn’t used. In the social sense it make sense but in religious sense revert is an appropriate term.

5. We’ve observed a sudden shift of mindset in our society. Parents of today are neglecting their children and are substituting their attention with mobile phones/internet/gadgets etc. How much this does affects a child and what are its consequences on the society as a whole?

I think the consequences are horrible on the society. Nothing can replace the role of parents. I’m a father of several children myself and I can tell you there’s this research on attention span and how these cartoons and movies  influences a child’s mind in early stages. These movies and advertisements where animations are constantly changing and they are over stimulating the brain and so our children are so used to over stimulation as they grow up they face hard time in paying attention to things. They want things to change very quickly. So the kids that are raised on television and similar devices, they get bored very easily. They are always looking to do something else. They are never satisfied. Even if they are watching a movie, they would want to play a game on their phones or do something else at the same time. They just can’t do one thing. There are many consequences of just sticking our kids infront of screens and forgetting how to parent them. The other problem is obviously that we now know less how to deal with each other. We deal with devices more than we deal with other human beings. So our mannerisms are declining because we are just not getting educated in human interactions as much as we used to. Even if you are talking to one of your friends they are probably on a cell phone and texting somebody at the same time as they are talking to you. It’s just simple as it is. It’s rude to talk to two people at the same time. We’ve forgotten these things.

6. Western media has made Islam as an object of ridicule. What’s your take on this matter? How should we respond to such disgraceful comments about our religion?

 I think before we respond to non-Muslims making fun of Islam, let us deal with Muslims making fun of Islam. In western institutions Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, almost all religions are made fun of. It’s just that in the media nowadays for political reasons the new target is Islam. They have been making cartoons that make fun of Jesus (AS) for ever. We shouldn’t get paranoid that they are after us. They don’t like the institution of religion altogether. But at the same time I argue that Muslims have themselves, with their own behaviors have given them reason to laugh at us. When we get fired up and overly emotional, we respond to their criticisms it just proves that we are all the more barbaric. We don’t know how to deal with them in an intellectual way. We have to respond in a calm and collected fashion. And more important than anything else we’ve to reform our own societies so that we can show what Islam really looks like. Okay yes, West makes fun of Islam and we say that Pakistan Ka Matlab Kya La Ilaha Ilallah so that means if you want to see Islam, go toPakistan. Is that true? I can’t even leave the airport without giving a bribe. They (west) are making fun of it with their words, and we are making fun of Islam with out actions. So first thing we need to consider is that people who make fun of Islam aren’t very nice people, so talking to them in conversation doesn’t mean that we are going to change their minds. Our job is to present Islam for what it is and not get distracted for what Islam is not. If they say Islam is all about terrorism and we keep answering their questions we will never get to talk about what Islam is. We will always be busy in telling people what Islam is not.

7. What’s Bayyinah all about and what motivated you to form this institute?

 Bayyinah is an institute dedicated to certain primary goals. The first goal is to help Muslims understand the Quran as best as possible and make that understanding as easy and acceptable as possible. My first goal was Muslims in the United States. But now it’s kind of expanded because of the podcasts and all the other services that we are providing. So I’ve started thinking more globally about that. First and foremost is the Quranic education, and tied to that is a solid Arabic education that was my second goal, because I felt Muslims should have a direct access to The Quran and to Islamic literature. I started the institute about in the year 2004. I also started doing short Arabic courses in the mosques here in US. I didn’t even advertise or anything. The courses became very popular and I started getting asked if I can conduct such courses in other mosques too. So I ran around the country teaching. And I’ve been teaching to 150-200 mosques in America. Eventually the momentum grew so much that the time arrived to form full scale institute and put together an Arabic programme. Alhamdulillah, I’m very happy and grateful that we are able to set up the whole institute. There’s a campus here in Dallas, Texaswhere we take students from all over the US. Now even sometimes from Europe. It’s a 10 month programme. Around the 4th month we stop using English on campus. We start using Arabic only. So it’s an immersion kind of environment for learning the language properly. From here on I give students advice on how can they continue their future studies, acquire phD/masters or do some other linguistic studies whatever else they like to do. I try to counsel students towards the end of the year about their future careers as well. Moving on to the other part of this question, I was a typical Pakistani youth living inAmerica. I was curious to learn the language. I found a teacher who was fromFaisalabad. He was visiting here in New York in 1999. He was teaching a short Arabic course. I took his class and really enjoyed it. At that time I was a philosophy student. And when I started learning Quran, I realized it was another philosophy which destroyed all the old ideas that I had. So I kept that study ever since. I’m still a student of Arabic language.

8. We frequently observe that Islam has become the fastest growing religion in the west. What are the mere reasons due to which people are reverting back to Islam? 

I think it’s the fastest growing religion in the west but it’s also the most attacked religion in the west, or maybe even in the world. The good side is a lot people are coming back to Islam. But actually the fact of the matter is that a lot of people are losing their faith also. I get emails all over fromPakistanparticularly the youth. They say they have lost interest in Islam they are following it just to keep their parents happy. On the one hand we look at those statistics in which people are coming to Islam and on the other hand we are losing our own youth. So it’s kind of a crisis. Reason for people coming to Islam is that when it’s presented properly, it is the most beautiful way of life. I’ve students who were from different religious backgrounds i.e. Jewish/ Christians etc. they confess that there’s no comparison with the life they had before. They never want to go back because of the peace they have now. These are the people who have done everything you see in movies, clubs, parties, drugs, etc. but after all of that they come back to Islam and they say there’s nothing better than this.

9. We have observed that in our society people (certain set of people, not all) who have knowledge of Islam have built this huge ego inside them. Factor of intellectual humility is missing in them. What needs to be done to rectify this problem?

We don’t know what the other person has inside his heart. We can’t be judgmental on this. All we judge others by their speech or actions. I don’t say people become arrogant but I do want to warn about that danger. Knowledge is power. When someone has power it’s a natural temptation to show off that power. For instance, someone who is a good athlete wants to show off his skills. Someone who is a good writer wants to show off their writing. So it’s a natural tendency to show off what you’ve got and how it’s a powerful thing. Unfortunately when religious knowledge is used like that it’s a disgrace to the religion and all of us should be afraid of that because the whole purpose of learning religion is to make us more humble and when we ourselves learn the religion to become more arrogant we miss the entire purpose. Shah Waliullah (RA) used to say that when a tree bears fruits its branches come down. So the more knowledge you gain the more humble like a branch you should be i.e. get lowered, not more arrogant. Unfortunately that’s what we see in our society. E.g. if somebody is a doctor they will never say my name is Kareem. They will say my name is Dr. Kareem. A maulana named Abdullah would prefer others to call him Maulana or Shaikh Abdullah. So showing off their knowledge is a natural tendency everyone has. If someone calls me Ustadh/Shaikh Nouman, I say stop! Don’t give me a title. I don’t want a title. I especially want to address the youth now. When youth starts learning the religion they begin judging their friends. You should avoid judging your friends. You were just like them not long ago. You should be patient to them like Allah is patient to you. Allah could’ve kept you in darkness, just because He showed you a little bit of knowledge it doesn’t mean you get to judge other people, insult them or criticize them all the time.

10. Youth ofPakistancan relate to you. Any message you intend to give out for the readers.

Don’t lose hope. The situation seems very hopeless, very corrupt and very difficult to change but if there’s one thing that we as Muslims should never ever lose is hope in Allah. Just like in our personal lives when somebody gets sick we make dua’ for them to get better, similarly our society is like our family so just like we make dua for them and actually hope that they will get better, we don’t lose hope. Just like that we shouldn’t lose hope in our society. Youth is the future of this country. You are this country. So don’t underestimate the power of what you can do and the Barakah Allah can put in your sincere good deeds. So long as you rely on Him and do the right thing. Also I want to add,Pakistanhas been notorious for being an unethical society where there’s a class differences. “We-are-better-than-you” kind of mentality prevails here. Like people who have servants at their home, they treat them as if they are animals. If we want to bring about a change in our society we have to change how we deal with other human beings. If we want a society where we want equality and justice, we better have equality and justice in our households, companies, jobs, friends etc. We should better not judge others by the clothes they wear, the college they go to, and kind of background they belong to. We need to get over with all these things. Most beautiful thing about life in America is that when I go for prayers in a mosque, I stand next to a Somali, Hyderabadi, a Tamil guy, a Bangladeshi fellow, Turkish guy, African-American, and we are all standing and praying together. We are all Muslims. We don’t see this attitude in our society yet.Pakistanis still a varying-class society. It becomes very clear when we are getting our daughters and sons married. Our class society comes up, how much we believe in cast/class. We’ve to fight that attitude. We’ve to develop an attitude of social justice. The politics will change when we ourselves change. Politics is the last thing that changes. The first thing that changes is the family, household, neighbors etc. Let us bring respect, brotherhood, justice, fairness and equality back in our society. Lastly I would like to share a little story. A very good friend of mine went to Pakistan not too long ago. He’s from America and a very wealthy family. He was inPakistandriving around in an expensive car and he went to a restaurant where he saw a very fancy car pulls up. This car had tinted windows so you can’t see who is inside. And window rolled down and he saw this 10-12 year old boy sitting in the back seat and he called the waiter over with his finger. Waiter was an old man wearing shalwar kameez, maybe in his 50s. This 10-12 year boy said: “Oye, Jao chai lekar ao meray liyay”. Old man said, “Yes sir, jee sir.” This was so disgusting. It’s the parents’ faults who have turned the boy into this monster. We see this all around us and this doesn’t even bother us and yet we have time to talk about politics. Change yourself from the inside. Learn to respect others to get respected in return.

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New Venture! *Yayy*

*Drum Rolls* Presenting The Opinionated Mama =D

This is a call to all the Mamas, Mamas-to-be, nani, dadi, phoppi, khala and everybody who has threshold to bear my jabbering and ramblings pertaining to my slipshod parenting.

Something I learnt the hard way, great parenting lies somewhere in between “don’t-do-that” and “ah, w-what the hell.”

So there you go on the roller coaster of emotions with ‘The Opinionated Mama’ =D 

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The Next Right Thing.

The perceived order may not always be the right order. Sometimes the strongest act to show up is to stay. And sometimes it is, to walk out with grace, dignity and courage. It takes courage to leave. It does. And you have it, in you. Do the bravest and strongest thing right now. Focus on doing the next right thing. Just the next right thing. Let God take care of the rest.


I wrote this in the name of all those strong women, who need it the most right now.

*Takes a deep breath*

The hassle of this world, I tell ‘ya, is goddamned exhausting. Bit by bit, it steals away a realer version of you, more, and a little bit more, eventually leaving you perplexed in the midst of the trial. When I am genuinely depleted in strength after the end of a tiring day, I look into the mirror, unmask myself, and unfold what dwells deep down to the core. And be real, genuine, and most authentic self to myself. After all, at the end of the day, I am answerable to myself in the quiet, and nobody else. At least I can trust myself on not being judgmental *Sighs*.

We are consumed by the pace of this evolutionary world, the judgmental nature of inhuman souls. Our lives are much like bucket balance where we end…

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Reality Check: Is Your Baby Smart Enough to Compete With the Challenges of the World?!

Technology has progressed with an incredibly fast pace that has revolutionized the globe in general. The aftermath of this speedy development has eventually resulted in the rapid increment of challenges of the world. The challenges we have to encounter today are not the same that the generations before us had to confront. But that’s all okay, after all change and development is time dependent. The time changes, and so does the pace of the world and its ever-growing challenges. But the irony in all of this is, the swift decline in the quality of food manufactured in food industries! So to sum it up, our food industries have utterly failed to deliver the quality of food that can make us strong enough to combat the raising challenges of this world.

Elle Lofing

Dear Mamas,

Technology has progressed with an incredibly fast pace that has revolutionized the globe in general. The aftermath of this speedy development has eventually resulted in the rapid increment of challenges of the world. The challenges we have to encounter today are not the same that the generations before us had to confront. But that’s all okay, after all change and development is time dependent. The time changes, and so does the pace of the world and its ever-growing challenges. But the irony in all of this is, the swift decline in the quality of food manufactured in food industries! So to sum it up, our food industries have utterly failed to deliver the quality of food that can make us strong enough to combat the raising challenges of this world.

This post, will be infant-specific. So lets talk about our little babies who are our biggest point of concern.

I have…

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Finding Solace.

This is for every Mom, who needs to hear this right now!
“This goes out for a woman of substance, endurance and patience. A woman, who is an exception in a society where we dwell. Her heart radiates compassion, hope, unprecedented faith and a-next-level optimism. I have seen her rising from the rough patches, juggling between her struggles, breaking down, rebuilding, but never giving up…..”


This goes out for a woman of substance, endurance and patience. A woman, who is an exception in a society where we dwell. Her heart radiates compassion, hope, unprecedented faith and a-next-level optimism. I have seen her rising from the rough patches, juggling between her struggles, breaking down, rebuilding, but never giving up. I am a witness of her struggles and her share of challenges. Challenge to raise a very special child. The fall is known to teach grave lessons of humility, and she has bulk of it in her. And that just keeps adding worth to her grace with every moment of growth.

This woman has borne me for nine stretched months, with pain, difficulty, and distress. But never once complained. Her first child is a very special one. Believe me. Very special. A disability doesn’t make one special. Your faith to fight it each day and not letting…

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New Blog Post: The Sunshine in His Soul

I have known him in another time, in another space, in many other ways, but I just couldn’t connect to that feeling. It was overpowering.


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The Sunshine in His Soul

I have known him in another time, in another space, in many other ways, but I just couldn’t connect to that feeling. It was overpowering.


I still get flashbacks of the BIG day, when I first held my tiny, chirpy Cutums in my arms. It was a beautiful moment. Yes. The moment of overwhelming emotion. The moment that sums up my struggle to witness this day. It was some moment from divinity. Tears trickled down my cheeks, one after another, and in no time it felt like cascading heavily. ‘Mothers are all slightly insane’, a phrase I started having faith in, after experiencing such an emotional trance.

This boy, had something in those eyes, that innocence, which overpowered all other attributes he held. He amazed me in ways, that never used to bother me once. But with him, it was different. He had that spark, that charisma, that feel, which radiated from him and melted my heart to the core. It was some moment from divinity. It really was. I felt like, I have known him in another…

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The Launch of a New Blog

Finally, the wait is over! I’ve launched my latest blog. Here’s the link to it;


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